Village Hall fire

As you know, a fire was spotted in the roof of the hall just before 2pm on Thursday 1st September, by people living in Glebelands who phoned it in. The surgery and car park were evacuated, and there are no injuries. The fire started over the stage, which is contiguous with one wall of the pharmacy. Up to 10 fire engines and specialist teams were present at one stage and the fire was declared ‘out’ by 6pm.

Most of the damage is on the side of the roof away from the car park and not visible to people visiting the surgery. There is a great risk of the roof collapsing at any time, with tiles and debris flying around, therefore half the car park is being fenced off.

First impressions are that a photovoltaic panel overheated and ignited the roof truss underneath but full forensic and surveying examinations are underway.

The car parking is going to be restricted for several months, exactly how long is not known, but please be prepared to walk to collect you medicines if you possibly can, and don’t get annoyed with the surgery staff – there is absolutely nothing that can be done. Just be grateful that the wind was in the east that day. If the prevailing south-westerly wind had been blowing the hall would have been spared but the surgery would have gone up instead and getting tablets would have been considerably more difficult!

Janet Jeffery, Village Hall committee