Newsletter advertisers

Local businesses may advertise in the free Cheriton Bishop & Crockernwell Newsletter and on this web site.

The costs per year (10 issues of the newsletter) are:

  • £45 for a quarter A4 page advert
  • £90 for a half A4 page advert

During the year, your advert will be included in the 10 issues of the newsletter and in the business directory on this web site.

The advert will help support the community newsletter, which is free to all readers and run by volunteers.

To sign up, please contact Jo Carter on 01647 24774 or by email to

Guidance for adverts

  • All adverts will be printed in black/white and grayscale only.
  • Your advert should be submitted in A4 size – portrait for quarter-page adverts and landscape for half page adverts so we can shrink them to the correct ratio and input them into a template
  • Please do not product adverts with a black/grey background or large blocks of black/grey as this becomes more expensive in the newsletter printing process
  • We can accept adverts in PDF, DOCX, PNG or JPG format.