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From the Editor of the Newsletter – March 2024

Spring is on the way! I haLots to do and lots to remember this month, so keep your Newsletter to hand!

Mother’s Day is on 10th March, so make sure you’ve got cards, flowers and chocolates ready to avoid disappointment. Of course, what mums really want is a display of kindness and appreciation.

Spring Equinox is on 19th or 20th March (I’ve found conflicting dates). All I know for sure is that the days will be getting longer,
which means more lovely sunshine for us. Solar-powered lights might start working again and maybe, just maybe, I may start
getting some eggs from my chickens!

I am really enjoying the Snowdrops, Crocuses and Daffodils that are popping up everywhere, and the annual Spring Show (on Saturday 30th March) will have some wonderful flowers on display! The show is hosted by the Gardening Club and will be held at the Village Hall from 2.30pm. There will be refreshments too.

We’ve also got evening entertainment at The Old Thatch for Open Mic Night on 3rd and Curry & Quiz Night on 17th March. The clocks will once more go forward for the start of British Summer Time on Sunday 31st March 2024. The clock will jump from 1am to 2am, which might be a surreal experience for anybody closely watching their digital device.

Lucy x
Newsletter Editor