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From the Editor of the Newsletter – July-August 2024

Welcome to the Summer ‘Double’ Newsletter for July and August.

You’re probably wondering why there’s an assortment of dried goods on the front cover. It’s a visual description of the kind of items needed at the Village Food Larder.

The Village Food Larder (located in St. Mary’s Church porch) would welcome your generous donations, and from July, there will also be a ‘Veggies Box’, for donations and use. The Doctor’s surgery are kindly taking donations for the Food Larder, so please hand items to the receptionists.

I don’t personally grow a lot of fruit and veg, but I will be sure to donate some rhubarb and possibly some apples and pears later in the year.

Again, I am reminded of what a lovely village we live in and I am really looking forward to celebrating our village on 9th
August at the Village Show – see page 7 for more information.

Well, that’s it from me until the September issue. The newsletter team are getting a well-deserved month off. I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in the production of the newsletter, and to those who contribute to the content. It is a real pleasure to be a part of, and I hope our readers enjoy our efforts.

Lucy x
Newsletter Editor