Young Farmers Club

Cheriton and Tedburn YFC has been a strong active club for over 65 years now. Currently we have around 50 members ranging from 11-27 years of age.

Our meetings take place every first and third Tuesday of each month, 8pm in Cheriton Bishop.

Club Activities include:

    • Sports: This really does include any sports you can think of! Competitions are held throughout the year, going right up to National Level, as well as sport socials that are just for fun!
    • Public Speaking: There are many individual and group speaking competitions that happen in the autumn each year such as call my bluff, debating and after dinner speaking.
    • Socials and Discos: There is usually something on somewhere in the county every Friday night!
    • Club Speakers: Our club recently had a speaker from the police force, where drinkers were breathalysed to emphasis the seriousness of drink driving.
    • Club Livestock: Members have the opportunity to rear club pigs, sheep and calves.
    • Carnival floats: Last year we had a Taiko drumming theme and entered 3 carnivals.
    • Other Activities: Many other club, group and county events such as ice skating, ten pin bowling, mackerel fishing, stock judging, show exhibits, clay pigeon shooting, bingo, not to mention all the charity fundraisers!

For more information contact our Secretary on 07792 518439.