Gardening Club

News Update December 2017

The January meeting will be our annual quiz with Drewsteignton Gardening Club, taking place at 7.30pm on Monday 15th January. We shall be back in the Spalding Hall again for this.  Just come and enjoy it – you do not need to bring a team, we are all randomly allocated into one team or another by drawing lots on arrival. As usual we shall be serving our guests with coffee and cake.

Janet Jeffery 24414

November 2017 news

At our recent A.G.M. it was suggested that the name ‘Horticultural Society’ sounded very off-putting. It implies that we are all skilful gardeners completely au fait with Latin plant names and self-sufficient in vegetables all year round. There may be one or two members who fit these criteria, but most of us go to meet good friends, learn something from expert speakers and enter the shows for friendly rivalry and are surprised to win. It was decided that we should call ourselves ‘The Gardening Club’, and hope that others interested in, but not yet expert at, gardening, may want to join us.
The Annual Gardening Club Dinner was held on Saturday 11th November 7pm for 7.30pm in Cheriton Bishop Village Hall.
The committee has decided to increase the meal price to £10 per person but we hope that the evening will still offer great value for money, as well as enjoyable company.

Now is a good time for dreaming about how our gardens will be more wonderful next year when we shall be completely on top of mowing and weeding. To help our dreams along, we have seed catalogues from D.T. Brown.  We usually get 40–50 % off our combined seed order, and for most people it more than pays for the £5 family membership of the club.

Anybody wishing to join the club please contact me.

Janet Jeffery, 01647 24414,