Horticultural Society

News Update September 2017

Village Show

As I was walking around the village bidding a fond farewell to The Scarecrows (I have grown quite attached to Bob the Builder) I also admired the gardens full of blooms and vegetables that would have given the winners of the Village Show’s silverware a run for their money.  But unfortunately these gardeners did not enter the Show.

The Show welcomed some of the Scarecrows and their constructors in a display on the way to the marquee where everyone enjoyed delicious cake and a drink. The Scarecrow judge came up with some interesting categories ‘It made me laugh’, ‘Best Dressed’ and ‘Interesting construction’.

The hour or so of social interaction was the culmination of untold man hours of planning, printing and preparation by a small committee aided by volunteers who setup up the marquee and the tables in the Hall, and then reversed the process after the show.  And do not forget the Village Hall committee who manage the Hall so that it is available for use.  And then there is the Newsletter gang who keep us all informed.  You only have to read the pages of useful information and Regular Meetings to appreciate how many people are already serving the community.  But more are needed.  To replace those who have already served their term of office, to bring new ideas and enthusiasm, and revive flagging spirits.  There are vacancies, please apply!

Next Meeting

The first meeting of the Horticultural Society in the winter programme is on Monday 18th September, 7.30pm in the Spalding Hall, when Drewsteignton gardeners are our guests.  The topic will be dahlias, the best ways to over winter them, how to propagate, and examples of new varieties from dinner plate size to miniature.  Everyone is welcome.

Future of the Horticultural Society

This year we will be having an “AGM in extraordinary circumstances” on Monday 16th October at 7.30pm in the Spalding Hall.  This is a particularly important meeting to attend this year as we need to discuss the future of the Society and the shows and whether to continue to have a winter programme.  One poor soul has been serving on the committee and entering the shows on and off for 40 years and still has not featured on any of the important silverware!   So please come along with your ideas.