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September 2018 deadline

The deadline for receipt of items for the September 2018 newsletter is 6pm on Friday 17th August – any time before that is fine!! Send to

Apologies that this was omitted from the printed version of the last newsletter.


Latest Newsletter – July 2018

Welcome to the July/August edition of the parish newsletter.

A word of thanks

I would like to start by saying a few words of thanks to Jenny Grist for all the work she has put in to bring you this newsletter over the past 10 years. You will be pleased to hear that the editorial team had a get together at Jan Mitchell’s home to properly thank Jenny and presented her with a book token in recognition of her dedication.

I would also like to quickly introduce myself as the new editor. We moved to Cheriton Bishop 6 years ago having spent the past 15 years living abroad. We chose Cheriton because it is a super friendly village with lots going on and, of course, it has great links to Exeter and beyond. Those of you who regularly walk the Cheriton Circuit will know me because of my white cat!! Tiffin can’t resist charming every passer-by with her winning ways, I’m told she even joins in with the Beavers on a Thursday evening!!

Photography competition

We also have a photography competition this month for nature lovers. More details are contained in the magazine and I am hoping to put the winning entries on our Cheriton Bishop website.

Cheriton Bishop Website Update

There is also some good news regarding the website. After diligently editing the website for a couple of years, Jan Mitchell has been looking to hand it over and very kindly, Christine and James Jillians have volunteered to take it on. I’m sure everyone in the village would like to join me in thanking Jan for her outstanding work and we look forward to supporting them in taking on the website.

I hope you enjoy this edition and look forward to your comments and suggestions for future editions.

Andrea Wood – Editor

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