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Latest Newsletter – May 2018

At last!  Spring has arrived with sunshine, warmth, and swallows on the wing.  After such a long winter we are, I am sure, all pleased to see those blue skies again and the greening of our hedgerows and woodlands.  Gardeners are again returning to their plots and forking through the claggy soil of the recent wet months…

All change at the Newsletter & Website!

Last month saw the decline and irretrievable fall of the Newsletter Printing Machine, half way through its print run.  Fortunately we now have a shiny new and fully up-to-date printer.

Unfortunately the old editor is now getting a bit shiny with age and is generally about a hundred years behind modern technology.  So I’m sorry to say it is time for a new one of these too!  Page 8 gives the lowdown on what is involved in the editing so please give this some thought – it’s very enjoyable for the first ten years!

Also available is a vacancy at the helm of the Website.  Jan has been wonderful as Chief Inputter and Updater, but now she too is looking for a break and tells us what is involved on page 9.  So if the Parish Newsletter and Website are things you feel are important to the parish please think about getting involved!

Jenny Grist – Editor

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