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From the Editor of the Newsletter – March 2021

Hi, my name is Tommy and I’m the editor’s nephew. I’m doing my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award and as part of my volunteering I will be helping Lucy with the parish newsletter. As I can’t go to her house in person, we decided that I should write this month’s editorial piece.

At the time of writing, we are into the half term break so we’ve had about 6 weeks of demanding home schooling!

I go to QE and they set lessons according to the timetable and the teachers usually go through the work via live lessons. Sometimes this is just at the beginning of the lesson and sometimes for the whole
lesson. At the end we attach our work and upload it to the Microsoft Teams Assignment.

Home schooling this time around has been very different to the first lockdown as it’s much more organised and structured. It’s a bit boring being at home all the time but at least the work keeps us occupied and I know we are really lucky to be living in the countryside.

We try to get out for local walks or a run around the block to get some exercise but like everyone else, I can’t wait for this lockdown to be over.


Newsletter Editor’s Nephew