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From the Editor of the Newsletter – July/August 2020

Dear readers,

I am sitting at my desk on the very cusp of the copy deadline, trying to keep info as up-to-date as possible – this being a double issue, I am sure that life will change so much until I am writing the next introduction for the September issue. As I write, the weather takes turns in drenching and then baking, which just about sums up the summer we are all looking forward to. My lawn is lush and green again though, so no complaints here.

I have been desperate to get the lawn in tip-top condition as I am expecting some new members of the family that will be calling the garden ‘home’. I have managed to persuade my long-suffering husband to let me keep a few chickens “not as pets” – I said, “they will earn their keep in eggs” – I assured. Obviously, I have to confess these tiny ‘fibs’ as I feel a little bit guilty at the time and money I have already spent on my little angels! These aren’t ‘just any chickens’, these are Mrs Cooper’s chickens (read in a husky Marks & Spencer advert voice please). I can’t tell you how excited I am about it. I have a list of about 20 possible names (for 3 – 5 chooks) to whittle down at the last minute as I will have to see which names suit them.

I am pretty sure that the introduction in the September Newsletter will be all about my chickens – and if you see me out and about in the village, don’t make eye contact or I will bore you all about them!

Take care

Lucy x,

Newsletter Editor