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Dear readers,

(This is the introduction to the April 2020 newsletter).

I started my introduction to this issue a few weeks ago, but have since re-written it.

This is a lovely time of year, Easter – the weather is picking up and flowers are coming out. However, due to recent worries about the Coronavirus, my intro is going to be unusually sombre to reflect the serious nature of what has been happening in recent weeks.

You will find a few events in the ‘What’s On’ section – this information was correct at the time of production. However, you will also find quite a few cancellations and postponed events due to the uncertain course of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic.

Coronavirus, Covid-19

Please take care of your vulnerable friends and relatives, and try to reduce the spread of any illness wherever you can. If you have any concerns, the following statement is from Devon County Council:

We understand that our residents and visitors may have concerns about coronavirus. We would like to reassure you that the government and NHS are well prepared to deal with this virus.

The council is monitoring the situation closely and coordinating with Public Health England. We are taking all possible steps to keep you safe.

Visit the NHS website, for the latest information and advice and the current situation in the UK or you can follow Public Health England’s Facebook page or Twitter feed for the latest updates, information and advice.

Also, I have been given this message from Acorn Community Support:

The physical well-being of our clients is our priority, however we equally value psychological well-being. We are therefore setting up a telephone befriending service with immediate effect. Our office remains open so if you need support please do ring our usual number – 01647 252701

All messages on the answer phone will be picked up regularly.

This is a very worrying time, and we all need to get through the next few weeks in a calm and sensible manner. Take care.

Lucy x,

Newsletter Editor