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From the Editor of the Newsletter – June 2021

Firstly, we would like to give a big thank you to the Barclay family for helping with the collation of the newsletter. William, Adam and Matthew will longer be a part of the production team, but have spent a huge amount of their own time volunteering over the years, and we are all incredibly grateful for their help and support. Thanks guys.

We wish you well in all your future pursuits.

Will it ever stop raining? Grass is looking lush though. I am a bit of a fair weather gardener and the weeds are definitely winning at the moment. I have a few nasty thistles making the most of it, but at least the sticky weed isn’t as bad as last year.

Before I hand the introduction over to my nephew, Tommy, I would just like to remind you that next month’s newsletter is the July & August Summer double edition.

Take care all.

Lucy x
Newsletter Editor

Intro from Tommy

Hello all,

As of the 17th of May, lockdown restrictions were lifted slightly which now allows two households to meet inside. This means that I am typing this editorial on Lucy’s computer (sanitised of course)!

It’s a good job we’re allowed to meet up inside now as the weather has been atrocious. Most weekends, I have been fully dressed in mud where I’ve been for a walk or a Scout Day out. Mum says that the washing machine is going to pack up soon as it can’t handle the volume of mud it’s collecting!

Half term is coming up soon and will hopefully bring nice, sunny weather, so have a lovely time everyone!

Tommy Carter

P.S. My last ‘Duke of Edinburgh’ article made my Grandad cry.