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Editorial from Andrea Wood, Newsletter Editor

This month there are invitations galore in the Parish! Residents of the Parish are invited to throw their hat into the ring for the Parish Council Elections which will be held later this year. To find out more please see the newsletter or contact the clerk to the parish council on Nomination packs can be obtained from Mid Devon District Council at

An invite to the Annual Parish Council Meeting

Also on this month is the Annual Parish Council meeting. This gives residents an opportunity to meet our Councillors in an informal setting and discover what they have been doing on our behalf. There is also the possibility of passing on our thanks for all their selfless endeavours in maintaining our community and making it a great place to live. It will be held at the Spalding Hall on the 11th March `at 7.00pm.

Options for administering the Pre-School

The successful and well attended pre-school is run by a committee of volunteers who are overstretched and under staffed and the time has come to review the way it is run. There are a number of options to be reviewed and some decisions to be made. Please see page 17 of the newsletter for more details.

Former Headmaster, Mr Alan Conridge, has passed away

Long time residents of Cheriton Bishop will be saddened to learn that Mr Alan Conridge, former Headmaster of the Primary School, has passed away. By all accounts he was a much loved and respected Head who created a wonderful, welcoming atmosphere in the school.

Local Plan Review Hearing

As many of you will know a section of land between Hescane Park and The Old Rectory has been earmarked as a potential site for new housing. The Hearing to review the Local Plan was held on Friday 15th February at the Phoenix Chambers in Tiverton. I will update you on what was discussed and agreed as soon as I have some further information.

If you own a dog, do the right thing!

Finally I have been asked to say a few words about Dog Dirt. If your dog defecates on the pavement, please pick it up! This helps keep our streets clean and minimises the risk of inadvertently taking it home!

Well that’s all for now folks! Please continue to contact us with your suggestions and comments at

I look forward to hearing from you.

Andrea Wood, Newsletter Editor