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Editorial from Andrea Wood, Newsletter Editor

 To say the festive season started with a bang would be an understatement! Last Friday (23rd), an almighty bang went off in Church Lane, followed by a flash of white light. I honestly thought a bomb had detonated in the street. I felt a whoosh of furry body fly past me as my cat scrambled to safety and I fumbled around for some candles!
I later discovered that lightning had struck the telegraph pole outside the school and shattered the BT box. To date my repair bill amounts to a new washing machine, a new phone, a new BT main switch and a new aerial. And I’ve got off lightly compared to some. So I’d like to impart a piece of festive advice to everyone – remember to unplug all your electronic goods before you go to bed and definitely before the onset of a storm!

Acorn Outing to Bernaville Nursery

Anyway not to put a dampener on our festive spirits, Acorn have organised an outing to Bernaville Nursery on 4th December. For the uninitiated, Bernaville becomes a veritable Santa’s Grotto at Christmas and is full of gifts for all the family. So well worth the £5 return ticket. To book your place call 01647 252701..

Didn’t they do well?…

We have also received a note from the Playgroup that an astonishing £340 was raised from the Book Sale and the proceeds will be spent on some new equipment for the playgroup. So thank you to all who contributed books and thank you to Persis Bower for organising this wonderful event.

A joyous occasion for all of the community

We do hope to see many familiar faces at the Christmas Carol Service at St Marys Church on Sunday 23rd December at 6pm.  This is a real crowd pleaser of a service – a gentle reminder of the Christmas story interspersed with verses from our favourite Christmas Carols. The service is usually followed by mince pies and mulled wine!
Well all that remains is for us to say from all of the website team:
We wish you a Merry Christmas,  
we wish you a merry Christmas, 
we wish you a merry Christmas 
and a Happy New Year”.