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From the Editor of the Newsletter – May 2021

Since lockdown eased during our Easter Holiday, I wonder how many family BBQ’s and get-togethers have been had! Quite a few I’d imagine. Weather’s been nice and sunny, but still a bit chilly outside – especially on those clear evenings. Well worth it though!

Meeting up with family has been great, but so has being able to get a professional haircut. I have taken full advantage of this and gone quite short (and pink) and am loving my new ‘do’! I’ve also lost count of the new haircuts at school, and the children are looking a lot less like cavemen! Having a bit of a pampering session and getting our summer clothes out feels amazing.

May really is a lovely month. Sunny days, bright flowers, cheery birds and cherry blossom. I am so happy to be living and working in Cheriton Bishop. I really can’t imagine going through lockdown back in South East London. We are all truly blessed to be living here.

Well, I can’t sit here typing all day. I’ve got my over 45’s COVID vaccination to book, and then I’m back up to school to clean & sanitise and then attempt to supervise playtime during the lunch break! Here’s to loving life and living well!

Take good care of yourselves and each other.
Lucy x

Newsletter Editor